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Dr. Ungerleider, along with Dara, Nikki, Chris, and Adrianna, looks forward to continuing the high quality of care we have been providing for  over 27 years.


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New Gardasil Dosing Recommendation

There is now a new dosing schedule for patients who start the Gardasil vaccine before the age of 15. Those patients only need 2 doses, instead of 3! They will be given at least 6 months apart. If you have further questions about this, please ask us.

Safe and Secure Medicine Disposal

Safe and Secure Medicine Disoposal for Unused Medications
Unused-Medications Poster.pdf
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Vaccinate for Measles

Please vaccinate your children! See this article from the President of the American Academy of Pediatrics:

Measles vaccine


and a message from the NJ AAP President:

NJAAP Measles Message

Concussions and School

See this important information about concussions, brain injury and school.



Schoolwork can delay concussion victims' recovery, study says

Article from the New York Times on the importance of the HPV vaccine

New York Times Article: HPV Vaccine is Credited in Fall of Teenagers' Infection Rate


Please call the office for more information, and/or if you want your child to have the vaccine, if they have not already.

Life-Saving Tips from the

NJ Poison Center


The NJ Poison Center aims to raise awareness about the problem of prescription (Rx) and over-the-counter (OTC) misuse/abuse, possibly our nation’s fastest-growing drug abuse concern (even more so than street drug abuse). Unintentional poisoning deaths from medicine misuse/abuse have risen in the last few years and now rank as the number one cause of unintentional deaths from injuries, more than motor vehicle crashes. Teens and young adults misuse Rx and OTC medicines to get high for two reasons: these products are readily available in home medicine cabinets; and they do not carry the stigma that street drugs do.

Call to Action: The NJ Poison Experts ask New Jersey residents to LOCK UP all medicines (Rx, OTC, dietary, and herbal) and monitor their family’s Rx and OTC medicine use by keeping track of both the number of pills in bottles and refill frequency. Properly dispose of all unused and/or outdated medicines. Drop-off sites are available statewide; contact the NJ Poison Experts at (800) 222-1222 for a site near you.

Taking these steps will reduce the number of teens and young adults using medicine to get high, and will also decrease the number of toddlers and pets who unintentionally ingest medicines. The poison experts are available to help 24/7. Program your cell, home and office phones with the Poison Helpline: (800) 222-1222. Join us on Facebook and Twitter.


Check out this Valley Hospital program:


Valley Home Care Launches Stepping Stones Support Group for Parents Who Have Lost a Child

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